Grinnerz MINI (4 gears)

  • Grinnerz

€8.99 (incl. VAT)

Winners play GRINNERZ! Have you solved all the puzzles available on the market? I'm guessing you have. You are a winner. You are a winner who is waiting for a new challenge... A new challenge has arrived! Game rules: GRINNERZ MINI has 4 gears - 4 faces. Every gear can be rotated. Every gear rotates 1 - 2 or 3 other gears depending on the current orientations. To solve GRINNERZ you need to align all faces and gears. (smiles and eyes) Rotating only one gear can mix GRINNERZ so crazy that you won't find your way back in hours! If you ever tried the Rubik cube you know this feeling. It looks so simple but it's really not. We developed three variations of GRINNERZ, the STANDARD (6 gears), the MINI (4 gears) and the MAXI (8 gears). All three have different levels of difficulty! Try all! Official website:


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